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Lisa Pisano Services - Package Pricing

Package Pricing

Combine any of Lisa’s services in one package to get more for less. See the different options offered here. Customized package pricing is also available upon request. Get healthy and fit with a package that suits your needs. Combine, yoga, exercise and diet into one unique program that helps you at your pace. Starting is the hardest part! Get healthy and fit today!

Lisa Pisano Services One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Lisa’s services include one on one personal coaching. Whether you’re looking to change your eating habits or begin a new fitness program, Lisa can create a program specific to your needs. Right from the get go, Lisa will be there to help you on your new journey and walk you through every step of the way so you never feel like you’re doing this alone. Lisa’s current client base extends from Burlington to Vaughan as well as online clientele. Contact Lisa for your initial consultation.

Lisa Pisano Services Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional Counselling

The hardest part of maintaining healthy eating habits is knowing where to start and knowing how to keep things interesting without getting bored and tired of eating the same things over and over, day in and day out. Lisa can help you create a meal plan and teach you how to prepare in advance so you can set yourself up for success. Helpful tips, guidelines and fun, healthy recipes are all a part of Lisa’s nutritional counselling program.

Lisa Pisano Services Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Lisa is a certified yoga instructor with a 250hr YTT from the acclaimed Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, Ontario. She continues to participate in workshops and events that not only strengthen her personal yoga practice but her teaching skills as well. Lisa teaches a variety of group yoga classes in Oakville and Burlington. For more details on Lisa’s yoga classes, please refer to her teaching schedule.

Lisa Pisano Services Personal Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga Instruction

Private yoga sessions allow for a more intimate view into YOUR practice. Whether you are new to the practice or want to deepen your current yoga practice, Lisa’s private, one-on-one yoga instruction offers you the opportunity to spend time on your individual practice or time working with an injury or specific goal or concern that you may have. Private yoga sessions are a great way to bring your practice to the next level…wherever that may be for you.

Lisa Pisano Services Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Does your organization offer lunch and learn seminars to your employees? Do you have an event that you would like Lisa to speak at? You can hire Lisa to speak at your next event. Whether it be about creating healthy eating habits, learning about different cleanses and detoxes for your body, Lisa can share her expertise with you. Contact lisa at for more details.


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Welcome, I’m Lisa Pisano

My name is Lisa Pisano and I am a Lifestyle Coach. My mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives through exercise and proper nutrition. To support individuals in setting and achieving their personal goals and facilitate their journey towards a lifestyle which incorporates clean eating and being active as an every-day way of life.


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