Lisa Pisa Lifestyle Coach
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In a rush? Don’t have time for a full workout?  That’s okay cause you only need 3 minutes to complete this butt toning workout. Ideally you would like to sneak in this workout 3 times a day but if you can only get one in, don’t worry, you’ll still feel the booty burn!

Summer is just around the corner which means so is bikini season.  Time to get your butt off the couch and in to tip top shape.  Here are a few exercises that will help you do just that:

1. Single Leg Forward Reach (aka Warrior III Yoga Pose)

Single Leg Forward Reach

Stand tall with all your weight in your left foot, abs engaged and chest lifted. Reach your torso forward as you lift your right leg behind you. Extend your arms in front of you for balance as your torso and leg come parallel to the floor. Pause here and reach through your right heel to engage the back of the right leg. Moving in one piece, lower your right leg toward the floor as you return to standing upright, resting the right foot lightly on the ground. That’s 1 rep. Do as many reps as possible for 30 seconds; then switch sides.

2. Sumo Squat Jump

Sumo Squat Jump

Stand in a wide sumo squat position with your feet slightly turned out, arms resting on your hips. Jump up explosively, keeping your core engaged. Land with control, lowering your body back into the wide sumo squat position. That’s 1 rep, do as many as you can in 60 seconds.

3. Squat with Side Leg LiftSquat with Side Leg Lift

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hinge hips back and lower butt toward ground aiming to get thighs parallel to floor. Be sure to keep the weight in your heels. Stand up, then lift the right leg out to the side (as shown). As return right foot to ground, immediately lower into your next squat. Then stand and lift your left leg. Continue alternating sides for 60 seconds.


Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach