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My name is Lisa Pisano and I am a mother to two children, aged 16 and 14. I am a proud mother of two very strong, intelligent, confident and well-adjusted young individuals. I take pride in that accomplishment. I believe in leading by example. I do it not only as a mother but as an individual in my everyday life. Practice what you preach, you are what you eat, be the change you want to see, everything happens for a reason…these are all quotes I live by.

Ever since I was a young teenage girl, I have had a passion for working out. I love the feeling of getting my heart rate up and working up a sweat, and let’s face it, I liked the fact that it allowed me to eat what I wanted and not gain weight. I was always obsessed with my weight. Perhaps it was a result of being exposed to the modelling industry at an impressionable age where I was always told I could lose another 10 pounds or maybe it developed when I began participating in beauty pageants where the staple diet consisted of water, coffee and cigarettes in an attempt to shed those last few pounds before stepping on to the stage. Or could it have possibly been from all those fashion magazines that I read thinking those women were real? Looking back, I know now that it wasn’t one thing or the other but a combination of all of them, together with my distorted belief about beauty and body image.

Fast forward to 2007.  I was 32 and married with a 4 year old boy and 2 year old daughter. I had a full-time job as an executive/legal assistant and was still working out 5-6 times a week. I would wake up at 5:30 every weekday morning to squeeze in a workout before I had to get the kids ready and off to school/daycare before heading to the office. I was eating healthy (or so I thought at the time) by avoiding junk foods and controlling my portions. If I ate more than I thought I was supposed to in any given day – yes, I made the mistake of counting calories – I would just put in another workout at night once the kids were in bed to negate the extra calories I had consumed that day. Life was busy but there was something missing. I had this passion for exercise and believed in it so much that I wanted to be able to share it with others. Working out for myself just wasn’t enough anymore. That is when I made the decision to become a personal trainer. Even though I still had a full-time job, I wanted to do something more…not for the money but for the simple reason of wanting to help others. I took a course through CanFit Pro and became certified in October of that year. I have renewed my certification every year since then which gives me the ability to share that knowledge with others.

With a full-time job and offering private personal training sessions in my basement gym, my clients were few and far between. But I wasn’t discouraged. I knew some day I would be doing this full-time so I just took it as it came and continued to educate myself with new exercises and tips that I used for my own training and which I hoped to use for future clients. During that time, I also decided to become a certified nutrition and wellness specialist since I was interested in learning more about nutrition and how it correlates to exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle. My obsession with weight was turning more into an obsession about health as I began to get older and now had two children to think about.

My need to find out more about healthy nutrition increased immensely in 2009 when my daughter was diagnosed with Candida. It’s an overgrowth of yeast in the body and my daughter’s little body wasn’t able to properly digest all this yeast that was continuing to develop within her. The solution – we had to change her diet. It wasn’t until then that I truly began to educate myself about food and the effects it has on our bodies.  I had absolutely NO clue about the harmful effects even “healthy” foods have on different body types. I became even more passionate about food and making healthy choices. I couldn’t, and still can’t, get enough information when it comes to nutrition and fueling the body with good food. Not just for me anymore but for my children (and anyone else who will listen to me). It has become more about ensuring I am feeding my kids the best possible types of food that will enable them to become the healthiest little beings they can possibly be. It is no longer about avoiding foods that I think will make me fat, it is about avoiding foods that may harm my body and the little bodies of my babies.

Fast forward a few more years.  I was approaching 40 and over the course of one year, I got divorced and left my full-time job – two very life altering challenges that could send some people down a depressing, self-pitying path. What did the future hold? What was I going to do next? How do I start over?  During these years I also found another passion – yoga.  I had practiced yoga many years back with my first pregnancy and dabbled in and out of it throughout the years but it wasn’t until my separation that I found peace in the practice of yoga. I still trained hard at the gym when I wanted a good sweat and needed to work off my aggression (and there was plenty of it) but I found that I craved more of that feeling of peace and calmness that I would feel the moment I would begin my yoga practice. The more I practiced yoga, the better my spirit felt. I was beginning to feel emotionally satisfied. I was learning to make myself happy. And it didn’t hurt that I was enjoying the positive physical changes yoga was having on my body. Like everything else leading up to this point, when I feel something so strongly, I feel inclined to share it with others. So I had an important decision to make. Was I going to go and look for another job in the corporate world or was it time for me to pursue my passion?  I decided that I was going to take these challenges and use them to make me become the person I have always wanted to be.  I gave myself a goal that I wanted to make a business out of my passion by the time I was 40.

So here I am – Lisa Pisano, a lifestyle coach – a certified personal trainer, nutrition and wellness specialist and certified yoga and barre instructor. I am doing what I love. I practice what I preach. I live a healthy and active lifestyle and I am that example I want to be for my children. I wanted to see a change in my life and I have made that happen. My goal is to now help others see that change in their lives. If I can make a difference in just one person’s life – a real change, a positive change that will affect the rest of their life – then I have succeeded in my goal.  There is absolutely, positively no doubt in my mind that everything in life happens for a reason.

Much love,

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach