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Do what scares you. I say it all the time and I remind myself to continue living that way on a regular basis. When I was asked if I wanted to get certified to teach barre classes, I hesitated. Barre? I don’t even take barre classes, how on earth would I be able to teach them? Well you don’t know unless you try and the only way to fail is to give up right? So for the past few weeks, I have been participating in some intense Barre Physique training and this past weekend I taught my first class in front of my close friends and family as part of my examination and you know what? I really enjoyed it!! I was nervous leading up to the class and kept thinking that people were going to look at me as an imposter. Who is this yoga instructor trying to teach barre? But you know what? I remember feeling that same way when I started teaching yoga and that, now, seems like nothing but a distant memory. I reminded myself that we all have to start from the beginning and I like new beginnings. I told myself that the class didn’t have to be perfect. I just needed to be passionate about what I was doing and make it enjoyable. When I let go of the pressure and expectations it became so much easier! So here I am, a newly certified Barre Physique instructor ready to start teaching my classes. What is Barre Physique you ask? Well, I guess you will have to just take one of my classes and find out 🙂

Here is my updated new schedule. A couple of classes have been added to the list!!

For any of my Burlington peeps who are looking for a new gym, you should definitely check out Movati which opens to the public this Wednesday November 15, 2017. I am able to offer a Friends and Family discount to anyone interested up until end of day tomorrow. For more details, please contact me directly at

8:30 pm Yoga at Home (contact me for details)

Movati Athletic Burlington
9:30 am Barre Physique [women only] !!NEW!! (Starting next week)
10:30 am Hot Yoga !!NEW!! (Starting next week)
12:00 pm Barre Physique [women only] !!NEW!! (Starting next week)
Igita (Oakville)
7:30 pm Vinyasa !!NEW!!

7th Wave Yoga (Burlington)
9:30 am Core Vinyasa
Movati Athletic Burlington
5:30 pm Hot Power Flow !!NEW!! (beginning November 15, 2017)
7:00 pm Yin Yoga !!NEW!! (beginning November 15, 2017)

Igita (Oakville)
9:30 am Core Flow
The Yoga Light Studio (Vaughan)
4:30 pm Hot Core Flow
6:00 pm Vinyasa

Movati Athletic Burlington
9:00 am Hot Power Flow !!NEW!! (beginning November 18, 2017)
10:30 am Sweat & Surrender !!NEW!! (beginning November 18, 2017)

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day,
Lisa Pisano
Yoga Instructor, Barre Physique Instructor &
Lifestyle Coach