Lisa Pisa Lifestyle Coach
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Matcha is my new drug.  I drink it as tea and have been having it as a latte almost every day. It provides me with a level of energy that I have’t been able to find with anything else in my diet lately. Matcha provides 34mg of caffeine – but its effect lasts longer than a coffee’s 60mg. It contains higher levels of antioxidants per gram than goji berries, dark chocolate, pecans, acas berries and even spinach so when I found this recipe for using matcha in your breakfast bowl, I just had to share.

If you have never tried matcha before, be aware that it has a bitter taste.  I usually add some honey to help sweeten the taste and a little goes a long way here. You don’t have to use a lot of the green powder to get the effects, and trust me, that’s a good thing cause this good stuff doesn’t come cheap!

2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp matcha powder
sprinkle of shredded coconut
handful of sliced almonds
(I added some organic honey to the mix)


In a sealable jar, combine chia seeds, coconut milk and matcha powder. Mix well so chia seeds don’t stick together. Seal and leave overnight in fridge. When you’re ready to go, give it another shake and top with shredded coconut and sliced almonds.


Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!!

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach