Lisa Pisa Lifestyle Coach

Package #1 – $250
Nourishing Nutrition Basics

If you are interested in learning how to eat healthier, prepare balanced meals, and know what foods you should stay away from, then this program is for you.

This package includes a 1-hour consultation, customized 7-day meal plan, and follow up meeting.  Discussions based on your lifestyle,  habits, goals and time frames as they apply to your overall health and well-being, will help to ensure that your meal plan is created specifically with your needs in mind.  This program is designed to help you get started on your path towards a cleaner, healthier eating lifestyle.

Package #2 – $425
Nutrition and Exercise Basics

You want to learn how to eat better and are interested in beginning an exercise regimen but aren’t yet ready to commit to a personal trainer?

Adding on to Package #1, this package also includes a 1-hour fitness assessment, together with a personalized exercise training program created specifically for you with your goals in mind.  The program is created to fit your lifestyle and make it easy for you to do these exercises on your own, in the comfort of your own home.


Package #3 – $675
Putting it All Together

If getting leaner, stronger and healthier are goals you strive for and know this can’t be done with nutrition alone, then this is definitely the package best suited for you.

Being healthy is not just about eating right.  It’s about incorporating an active lifestyle.  It is a balance between clean eating and physical activity.  This program not only provides guidance on healthier eating with a customized 7-day meal plan, but includes and exercise program beginning with a fitness assessment, followed by five 1-hour personal training, or private yoga sessions, based on a personal program that has been designed specifically with your goals in mind.


Package #4 – $925
Best Value Package

Combining the best of all of the above packages, this program allows you to take it a step further.  If you have a specific goal in mind with a short-term time frame in which to achieve that goal, this is your ideal plan.

Not only will this program continue to provide you with the education that will assist you in changing your lifestyle for the long-term.  A combination of bi-weekly training sessions together with a strict introductory clean eating meal plan, will ensure you reach your goal within the time frames created.  This package includes your initial consultation, fitness assessment, a customized meal plan as well as 10 1-hour twice weekly, personal training or private yoga sessions.

Once you start having more energy, feeling stronger and leaner, you will ask yourself why you didn’t begin sooner!

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